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Welcome to the e-Permit System - DDOE's single point of entry that streamlines permitting and licensing within the District by providing a consolidated, easy to use and efficient application process. The e-Permit System offers new ways to access permitting and licensing services 24-hours a day, seven days a week - all from a single website.

This one-stop source for online permitting simplifies the permitting process by providing:

  • Ability to determine needed permits/licenses based on user-defined search criteria: search by key words, permit name, form or authority;
  • Online account management - enter company or personal data once and use it in multiple applications, eliminating duplicate data entry;
  • Customized account profiling - include the permits/licenses that are used most frequently;
  • Ability to monitor permit/license application status;
  • E-mail notifications for each major milestone during the application process.

Improving the permitting/licensing process is just one way that DDOE is working to secure DDOE's current position as a leader in online services.

As services continue to expand, the system will provide more opportunities to meet business needs through the ease and convenience of DDOE's online e-Permit services.


Note: This website uses the term "permit" to apply to permits, licenses, certificates, or registrations issued by DDOE. Click here to get started by registering into the e-Permit System.

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